A whole new world - Aladdin

I had a great honor to create 3 of the environments in the song " a whole new world " under the supervision of Stanislaw Marek and Daniel Schmid.

The wavy environments are highly inspired from these sandstone hills in Arizona called "The wave" ...check out that place it's insanely alien looking. :). I had to do 3d concepts for these and take it to the final look. These shots were more of a technical challenge and I ended up using a procedural approach for the wavy looking sandstone rocks....but it also had to work in terms of how random it looks like at the real location. I learnt a lot and had a lot of fun working on these. Sky was a matte painting.

The mineral pool environment was done in collaboration with my super talented friend Piotr Tatar.

Hope you guys like it... :)

The Mineral Pools

The Wave