Rivertown - Black Panther: Wakanda forever

I am super grateful that I got to work as a lead Generalist on this section of Wakanda called "Rivertown" under the supervision of James Miller. This town is supposed to have a little different style/ design language than other parts of Wakanda.So it demanded some new design work and more glass buildings. I was responsible for the the base layout, design/concept of the core buildings in this area, lighting and first pass comp. We had some amazing concept designs from Marvel too, so we did retain many of the designs from the original concept into final setup, specially those spiral platforms and the beautiful pathways ,which is a very distinct feature in Rivertown.
Also I had a massive help from the team including Hogan Metzler,Kosuke Iwasaki, Stephanie Larusso, Dziga Keiser,Matthaeus Luef,Kirill Strazhnikov ,Louis Florean,Marco Lusardi, Elena Spina. It wouldn't have been possible without these super talented artists. We had a huge amount of shots taking place in Rivertown around 70-80 shots approx. So I think we managed to do a good job within the time we had. Hope you guys like it!

I didn't work on this shot, but I put it here to show the overall aerial view of the Rivertown