Finally got time to finish a personal concept painting!
My parents always mention that, Hindu god Ganesha was the very first sketch I did when I was a kid. So here I am...still doing a Ganesha artwork...thought of posting it on this auspicious day of Anant Chaturdashi.
The environment is highly inspired from Kailash Temple,Ellora of the most ancient and magnificent temples ever built. This marvellous temple was built from a single piece of rock in 8th century. Definitely want to visit it some day.
I tried to depict our tradition of Ganesh visarjan ,but in ancient India...where they are using a mammoth-ish elephant to drag this huge Ganesha statue.
Hope you guys enjoy it! Happy Ganesh Chaturthi! 🙂🙏

Guys please feel free to suggest a Name for this artwork....I haven't given it a thought yet.
Also your comments and critics are welcome!

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