Jabba's Palace - Tatooine

I am so grateful and honored to get a chance to work on this legendary location from the old movies under the supervision of Kevin George. Jabba's Palace was a tricky one as we had to make it look realistic but at the same time didn't want to divert too much away from the original matte painting in Return of the Jedi. Another challenge was selling the 2 suns and how it would impact on the lighting situation. I started with a rough concept and camera at the beginning and then started with quick photobashing the terrain using photos from Chile. Then I started quickly upressing the palace model with texture details and set dressing scale elements with the help of my friend Peter Tatar. He did a marvelous job on this one. But we had a huge help from the super talented comp artist Abel to get the nice sunset look which we see in the series. Altogether a nice challenging piece and I've been getting good response from the hardcore star wars fan about how it looks. So that makes me happy. :)
I hope you guys liked it.